Personal Growth Intensives for Individuals and Couples

I hold therapy intensives for individuals and couples at my Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. If you are from out of town, I supply you with information on accommodations near my facility.

Colorado Springs is in the midst of some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. The climate and environment support the uplifting experiences of Barry’s Individual and Couple Therapy Intensives. Colorado Springs is a “destination” city offering an amazing menu of social, recreational, and environmental “retreat” resources.

About / Meet the Director
About / Meet the Director

I use self-healing tools that I’ve developed and tested in my own relationship and in my therapy intensives. I know very personally about the challenges of breaking free of dysfunctional family patterns and sustaining intimacy in long-term relationships. So, I humbly support and heartfully honor those who are willing to walk this rewarding path. What I am offering you at these retreats comes from what I’ve learned in my years of work with other individuals and couples in my counseling practice.

Surpassed our Expectations…

“Our time with Barry far surpassed our expectations. Through his open and giving approach, we were able to achieve a level of wholeness and understanding that has provided a life-long foundation for future growth. We came away with tools which we can apply as we continue our growth process and with new insight into how to deal with those triggering moments which have caused us so much pain in the past. Barry has the rare ability to translate theory into practice and concepts into reality. His life experience well equips him to meet anyone and everyone at their level of need. We could not have had better guides on our journey toward wholeness.”

– Sheila & Gene, Dayton, Ohio

You Are Not Stupid or Crazy . . . . Just Traumatized 

In my individual and couple therapy intensives, I help you identify and might be replaying in your present-time conflicts. This aspect of my retreats help you connect the dots between addictive or self-destructive adult behaviors and dysfunctional family-of-origin patterns and unhealed childhood trauma, it is possible to change yourself and your life. I believe that people do what they do for a REASON—they are not stupid or crazy, they are just traumatized!

I use a variety of experiential self-help tools to help you identify your family patterns and locate the sources of Developmental Trauma. In my couple therapy intensives, I use an experiential diagnostic process that quickly shows how partners’ histories of individual Developmental Trauma interlock with each other. There is typically a symmetry between them that shows why they are “right” for each other. Once I help you identify this symmetry, I teach you specific tools for transforming your relationship at the deepest levels. Then I teach you how to use my self-healing tools to clear trauma-based behavior patterns so that you can take charge of your healing process.

About / Meet the Director

Prior to the Personal Therapy Retreat: 

I will email you a packet of forms and self-inventories to complete and return prior to arriving for your retreat. I use these to create a plan of action for your coaching sessions. They include:

  • A “Personal Information Form” that provides a fairly extensive medical and psychological history.
  • Several self-inventories that allow you to assess your current level of physical/emotional well being.

All therapy intensive clients are expected to read my books:
Breaking Family Patterns, Breaking Free of the Co-dependency Trap and The Flight From Intimacy.

Therapy Intensive options:

  • Individual Intensive: One person works with Barry
  • Couple Intensive: Two people work with Barry


Typical individual/couple therapy intensive activities:

  • An extensive intake of your family-of-origin and possible childhood abuse or neglect history.
  • The completion of diagnostic self-inventories to help focus your work.
  • The identification of your core patterns of Developmental Trauma from family-of-origin experiences.
  • The identification of your personal style of conflict resolution.
  • An experiential “sculpting” exercise to identify your sources of conflicts.
  • The connection of past traumas with your intractable present-time conflicts.
  • The identification of the interlocking aspects of your unresolved family-of-origin traumas in a couple. relationship.
  • Learning tools that help you heal your own traumas and tools for helping heal each other’s traumas.
  • The creation of a contract outlining your goals and activities for transforming the relationship
  • The identification of your past traumas causing intractable present-time conflicts
  • The identification of the interlocking aspects of your unresolved family-of-origin traumas
  • Creating an exit “change plan” for integrating intensive experience into your everyday life

A typical daily therapy intensive schedule providing 6 to 8 hours of therapy:

Morning session: 3-4 hours
Lunch break: 2 hours
Afternoon session: 3-4 hours

At the beginning of each intensive, I discuss the schedule of the intensive with you and cooperatively plan both the activities and the meeting times to meet your needs. Couples may take longer lunch breaks to discuss and work independently on activities and then return to meet in the late afternoon and evening. I do not schedule other activities during your intensives so that I can focus exclusively on your needs.

Personal Growth Intensive fee structure:


  • $1,500 per day for individual therapy intensive services

  • $3,000 per day for couple intensives.


A $500 online booking fee reserves your intensive date on their calendar. The balance of your fee is due at the end of the intensive period.

I offer one hour of free phone or Skype follow-up following the intensive for each day of the intensive. For example, a three-day couple therapy intensive with them include three hours of follow-up telephone or Skype support and a two-day individual intensive would include two hours of free phone consultation with me.

Free phone consultation:

If you are interested in talking personally regarding a therapy intensive, I offer a free 20 minute consultation. Email to schedule a consultation appointment.



“The work I did with Barry has been amazing. I have done a lot of “self-work” in my life and for a long time and working with Barry was like nothing I have ever done before.

The work I have done in the past only scratched the surface, where working with Barry cracked me open to a whole different place allowing me to see the truth about who I am.

Cracking me open has allowed me to truly deal and see my issues as they are and not what I think they are.

I want to thank Barry and his work for keeping me on the path of truth.”

– John M., Colorado


He Really Helped Me! …

“I learned of Barry Weinhold after a confrontation with a close relative. I went to the local bookstore and “Breaking Free of the Codependency Trap” just caught my eye because I felt like I was in a trap with my relationship. I thought it might have some tips on how I could help my relation grow up. Boy was I in for a surprise. After reading that book it wasn’t long until I had read most of the rest of their books, and then knew I had to meet them. The 3 days I spent with Barry working on personal coaching retreat started an avalanche of change in my life.

It has been four years since I first met Barry through his book. I am a 38 year old married father of three, a former Gulf War Marine, and successful executive at a Fortune 500 company. Before I met Barry, I thought I was responsible for everyone, and had to maintain control. I had this constant free-floating anxiety that was driving me deeper and deeper into frustration. I had the happy well-managed act down, but it was a front.

Really, something very important was missing. I had an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. In other words, I didn’t like who I felt like I was inside, so I just built the perfect man image, and tried to live to it. Most of all, I never, never, never asked for help with anything in my life. I had learned not to really trust anyone because I knew that everyone was really in it for himself or herself. Most of all, I felt like I was going to explode from all of the emotions I choked down from every angle.

What has changed since two years ago? Well…I couldn’t begin to tell you. That is something you’ll just have to feel to believe. But here is what I can tell you. If you are thinking about reading Barry’s books, or working with him at a retreat, do it. Just do it. I am alive like I have never been alive before. I am working on all of the fears that I kept to myself, and kept hidden from myself for all those years.

Even after I had read Barry’s books and before I met him, I kept asking myself, “Can he really help me” I found out the answer was no. He taught me how to help myself, and how to ask for help from the right people. He taught me how to do the work I needed to do. I am at peace with the path I am on now. I’m no longer looking for the next solution because the old one didn’t work. I found the one that worked. Barry did for me what Grandfathers used to do for little boys. He pointed down a path and said, “This is the way, and I’ve been there. Don’t worry, I’m right here with you.”

– S. B., St. Louis, MO

Work Beautifully Together…

“My retreat time with the Weinholds was invaluable. My son and I obtained a closer and more concise view of my own issues and style of relating to others than I had accomplished over a much longer period in other types of therapy.

Barry’s ability to keep me focused helped me look at what I want from life and learn how I can achieve that for myself. Of particular value was the information regarding conflict resolution. I am trying to incorporate those techniques in all of my relationships and find that I am not only clearer about what I want but I am doing a better job of hearing what others want. The results are certainly worth the effort.”

– Barbara M., Santa Barbara, California


Reconnected With Myself…

““God smiles when you be you” says the old adage. My Individual Retreat with Barry helped me do just that: reconnect with myself.

Working with Barry felt like one of these touch points you reach in life when you meet someone special, who cares and helps you get closer to where you need to be.

His techniques were a mixture of traditional approaches and very personal additions developed over years of experience.

Barry made me feel in a safe container where I could really let go and learn. Wisdom transpires in his presence and the can be the raw model you never had or simply the presence you need to challenge yourself.

Barry taught me very simple and practical techniques to center myself when I get triggered. He is always a tremendous source of information guiding me through his own experience, helpful books or by just being there listening. In itself learning to listen has been an important step for me. It brings compassion for the other but also for yourself and the world surrounding you.

It is a long journey to become self-conscious, to be in the “here and now” and I am glad to have met Barry on the road.”

– HH, New York

Get Started

Individual Intensive

$ 500 Deposit only
  • Full cost is $1,500.

    $1,000 Balance due at the end.

Couples Intensive

$ 1000 Deposit only
  • Full cost is $3,000.

    $2,000 Balance due at end.
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