Kindness Central

What Is Kindness Central?

Barry K. Weinhold, PhD

After seeing the effects of bullying and violence in schools and communities, in 1994, Dr. Barry Weinhold created The Kindness Campaign to curb community and school violence. (For more information on this program go to link). The problem of community and school violence has not improved. There is a need more recognition of acts of kindness, as a way of curbing interpersonal violence. Kindness Central is an effort to bring Kindness Champions and Organizations together into a collaborative, learning environment where we all can explore effective ways to promote kindness.
As a member of the Association, you and your organization will have the opportunity to connect with others who are also promoting kindness in schools and communities.

Membership - Kindness Central

Membership in Kindness Central includes: 1. Recognition as a Kindness Leader with a listing of your program on the website 2. Participation in webinars where you can collaborate. with others and learn about the most effective programs and practices of other organizations. 3. Explore concepts on how to promote acts of kindness with Dr. Barry Weinhold. 4. Attend Podcasts and Webinars for free, hosted by Dr. Barry Weinhold. 5. Discounts for the purchase of The Kindness Campaign and The Kind and Safe Schools products listed on the website.


This fee will automatically be deducted from your credit card each month.
You can discontinue at any time with a two-week’s notice
JOIN MONTHLY $25/month

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