Authentic Humanity

The Journey Toward Authentic Humanity

I believe that an authentic humanity is energetically held together through the Law of Love. When this Law is fully active, all of creation is interconnected, operating in integrity, and experiencing peace, harmony, and understanding in all of its activities. The members of an authentic humanity are able to give and receive unconditional love, even in challenging situations involving intractable conflicts. Individuals, couples, families, large organizations, communities and cultures, and nation-states to evolve. This is the underlying principle of LOVEvolution.

I’ve identified several factors that impact humanity’s evolutionary journey towards authenticity. I’ve done this by integrating psychological principle with mythic themes. This opened up the world of archetypes—innate, universal prototypes that hold large concepts or ideas. Even scientists aren’t sure how old the human race actually is. Some say our strain of humans has been around for about six million years, while others suggest that the modern form of humans have been on this planet for only 200,000 years. Recorded history is much shorter, with Sumerian Cuneiform Script and Egyptian Hieroglyphics, being only 5,000 years old.  However, the oldest form of coherent writing dates back only to possibly 30,000 years.

Archetypes and their Impact on Humanity’s Evolution

Psychologist Carl Jung (1968) used archetypes as a tool for understanding both individual and collective evolution. In Jung’s view, archetypes are much older than written language, as they grew out of primordial images that painted in caves or carved on rocks. For example, cave paintings in Lascaux, France are estimated to 35,000 years old, and the small Venus of Willendorf statue is reported to be 28,000 years old.

Jung referred to the groups of memories, experiences, and interpretations that are associated with an archetype as a complex. In Jungian psychology,  people with mother complexes are interacting with the mother archetype. He conceptualized archetypes as a vast psychic pool of energized symbols, images, and experiences that humanity shares as a whole. Archetypal reality is a collection of symbolic figures that represent mother, father, trickster, shadow, child, victim, persecutor, and rescuer, that humans are unconsciously connected with.

Like his teacher, Sigmund Freud, Jung believed in the power of the unconscious mind. However, Jung also identified a deeper layer of consciousness that he called the collective unconscious, conceptualizing it as a reservoir of the experiences of our species.

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The Journey Towards Authentic Humanity

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