The Authentic Organization

How Authentic is Your Organization?

The Authentic Community & Culture

How Authentic Is your Community?

Authentic Nation-States

How Authentic is Your Nation-State?

The Evolution of Humanity

Our Vision of Humanity’s Evolutionary Path

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Our Evolutionary Model

Did you ever wonder what contributes to or hinders human evolution? We did! So we created and tested a meta-theory to guide us in our research of how human systems evolve and what gets in the way of them evolving. Interested in knowing what we discovered?

Authentic Organizations

weinholds authentic workplace

We all live and work in various large organizations. Do you know how to determine whether or not they are authentic organizations or organizations that could be draining the life blood out of you. We consulted with many organizations and developed effective ways to determine their authenticity.

Authentic Communities & Cultures

weinholds authentic community

How can you tell if the community you live in or the culture you identify with are authentic? We were interested answering this question so we created ways to measure the authenticity of larger human systems and how to change them

Authentic Nation-States

weinholds authentic nation states

Our nation currently is struggling to find its authentic identity and we seem to have lost our way a bit. Are you interested in what makes up an authentic nation-state? Having lived in three different countries and worked in several others, were interested in finding a way to determine the authenticity of a nation-state.


weinholds authentic humanity

We had many questions about the course of history of humanity, so we applied our model to the study of this history and this helped us determine the factors that have most influenced the evolution of humanity. From the information available, what we found was truly amazing.

Our Books

Are you are feeling lonely and isolated? Are you yearning for a more authentic life? Our books, all written out of our experiences on our journey toward and authentic life, will help you chart your journey toward a more authentic life. If you’re looking for hopeful and heartfelt resources that help you move forward in your life on a journey towards a more authentic life, check out our Book Store for the ones that speak to you.